Benjamin Loehrer

Reality taught me responsibility and discipline, I had to work hard and learned to love it.

Benjamin Loehrer

Growing up on a farm in South Dakota, my father passed away when I was very young. I had to do all the farm work any other farm kid would, in addition to assuming the roles and chores of my late father.

This reality taught me responsibility and discipline, I learned that I had to work hard and that I like to work hard. I learned that you get out what you put in, if I wasnt doing my best every day the results would quickly show.

I began training with weights when I was 12 years old and quickly became obsessed with the fitness and strength lifestyle.

I entered my first powerlifting competition at 15 and I totally loved it. I competed in my first bodybuilding meet at the age of 17 and that was awesome. Since then I’ve competed and won many times in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman competitions too!

I love to train hard and I am very competitive. The idea of competing gets me fired up and gets me through tough workouts!

I moved to Minneapolis immediately after graduating high school to pursue bodybuilding full time. The first day I moved to the Cities was the first day I stepped foot into Los Campeones Gym, easily one of the best days of my life. I remember everything about that first day, going from training mostly in a barn by myself to training in a real facility with like-minded people, it was great! My dream was to compete and also be a personal trainer, that dream came true! I someday wanted to own my own gym and that dream came true too!

When I purchased the business in 2010 it had been very poorly run and was on its way out of business. I knew that if i could take control and unleash the true potential of the gym people would love it and it could be successful.

Just 4 years later, we were literally overflowing with members and needed to expand and I opened up the second location in September of 2014.

Again, easily one of the best days of my life! It is a lot of hard work but i love it and I am able to live out my dreams everyday!

What about life outside Los Campeones? My wonderful wife, Amber Loehrer, and I have been happily married since 2010, we have two young children, Axel and Ivy with another on the way!

Benjamin Loehrer