Alena Kuzma


Alena Kuzma

My passion for fitness has led me to become a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach. I specialize in strength and conditioning, corrective exercise and nutrition. I am here to help you stay motivated and conquer your goals through safe and efficient workouts. My number one goal is to make sure my clients learn how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle through proper workouts and nutrition.

At Los Campeones I offer individual or group training sessions. My number one priority will be to make sure you stay on track and reach your goals whether you want to lose weight or gain strength or live a healthier lifestyle.

I’m interested in clients that have drive and want to change physically, mentally and emotionally. Change will happen when you believe it will happen. When you have the vision and drive to change I’m here to help!

Instagram: Kuzmafit_
Facebook: Kuzmafit
Phone: 1-612-787-6110