Andrew Heaton

M.Ed., CSCS, CPT, KBC (Level 1)
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When I was 16, a co-worker offered me the opportunity to try out a fitness program written by his older brother, a newly certified personal trainer. I started showing up at their home gym six days per week, obediently doing every physical task I was told to do. It was hard work, but I was driven to succeed after the years of feeling inadequate, weak, and fat and suffering rejection and bullying. I soon become addicted to my workouts and the results that came with them: upgrading my strength and endurance, losing the gut, and boosting my self-confidence. After six months I was amazed at how much my strength increased. I could run a 6:02 mile, wasn’t fat anymore, and people began to accept me. My transformation sparked my burning passion to learn everything I could about exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes as a way to improve health. I wanted to help others experience the same life transformation as I did, improving their health, body composition, strength, and aerobic fitness. This mission has guided my path through college, grad school, and throughout my professional career. Can you relate to the feeling of helplessness and discomfort about your body image? Do you struggle to keep up physically with your family members, friends, or memories of yourself in younger days? Without a clear path forward you can waste time and energy on ineffective attempts to improve your health, and the lack of success can make you feel beaten down mentally and emotionally. The good news is it’s never too late to start making changes, and with the proper guidance you can even reprogram your genes and hormones for a full transformation. The Life Strength Fitness programs I’ve developed will help you improve your health, reduce the pain of daily movement, and build confidence in how you look and what your body is capable of accomplishing. For the past 12 years I have woken up every day excited to meet and train people like you. You deserve a supportive coach who truly understands where you are, where you want to go, and how to get you there. I’ll be with you at every step of your health and fitness journey.
  • In-Person Training: Individually customized fitness and corrective exercise programs done in a small group setting, based on an initial Functional Movement Assessment, baseline performance testing, and conditioning levels. This is the most effective way to restore functional movement, improve body composition, get stronger, and improve your aerobic conditioning.
  • Online Training: The same program as In-Person training, accessible online to do wherever convenient with remote coaching support. An ideal program for anyone looking to get meaningful results without in person group training.

Andrew Heaton | Life Strength Fitness

I wasn’t always healthy, lean, strong, and fit. For the first 16 years of my life I was the stereotypical fat kid: overweight, weak, without stamina. I tried one sport after another without showing any athletic promise, and lived in dread of the twice-yearly fitness tests during gym class. I was uncomfortable with my body, unsure how to behave around others, and was regularly bullied.


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