Marjae Rouser

A.S in Exercise science, NASM-CPT, NASM-VCS, CPR-AMS

Marjae Rouser

First and foremost, I come from a family of Marines and personal trainers, i’ve always had aspirations of becoming a trainer or going to the NBA my entire life.  Through 8 years of experience and being a former gym owner I have curated more good reviews then I could count.

I’ve hosted classes to help trainers become better trainers and now I train more trainers than beginners but I have no problem accepting beginners as clients. I’ve hired more trainers than I could count and I lead by example as well as  governing all of my actions with intentions of  having a high vibration, energy, and frequency from the time I wake to when I go to sleep.

I’m a firm believer that until thought is linked with purpose there will never be an intelligent accomplishment. My karma has guided me to self actualization through manifestation and constant effort toward thoughts.

Specialty Areas:

  • General health/ flexibility
  • Weight-Loss
  • Glute development
  • Powerlifting
  • Mental development