Jenesis Fonder

Jenesis Fonder Minneapolis Persona Trainer

Jenesis Fonder

Growing up I played a handful of sports, ranging from wrestling to soccer. In high school, I zeroed in on Volleyball and Track and Field until I found my one true love: Strength Training!

Since my dad is a powerlifter and passionate about strengths sports, I spent a lot of time with him in our basement gym learning about training, programming, and proper movement mechanics. I did my first powerlifting meet in 2012 and picked it up again as I started college in 2016!

Since then, I’ve gotten certified by NASM and am always looking to be involved in programs that make me more coachable and a better coach in general. I own a small business (In-Tension Training LLC) with my partner Roy Palmer. I have the most experience working with general population folks, but have a few beginner powerlifters as well.

I train mostly out of Los Franklin and Los Blaisdell, and I look forward to assisting you in any way I can!

Instagram: @jenesishope
Phone: 612-240-3744