Phong Nguyen

Phong Nguyen Personal Training

Phong Nguyen

My passion for fitness and helping others have led me to becoming a personal trainer. I believe that fitness should be apart of everyones’ lives because it is insanely beneficial to your longevity on earth. I will provide you with knowledge, motivation, and support as you work for your fitness goals.

I offer in-person training (group or one-on-one) for those who are able to travel to Los Campeones (either location). During these sessions, I will assess your physical and mentally capabilities and help you achieve your goals.

I also offer customized training programs depending on your fitness goals. Whether it is to gain weight or lose weight. Or if you want a challenge in your workouts then I have what you want!

There are no shortcuts. Work hard, be patient, consistent and never give up!

Instagram: /kingphongfitness
Facebook: /kingphongfitness
Phone: 1-612-886-4020